Don Felice Oil
“Everything tastes better with olive oil”
The extra-virgin olive oil is obtained from the almost century-old olive grove Andrea Carnevale inherited from his family: the “Don Felice”. Already source of livelihood in the early 1930s, this plot of land has been reason of endless satisfaction also more recent years. This is why Andrea dedicated its name to his olive oil.

Don Felice is produced in small quantities and its available for both wholesale and retail customers. Its consumption is recommended within a period of 18 months since the production.

Don Felice is available in 4 sizes and packaging:
Glass Amphora 0,25 l Glass Bottle 0,5 l Glass Bottle 0,75 l Tin 5 l

Place of origin Barile, on the hills of Vulture Mountain in the heart Basilicata
Varieties Ogliarola del Vulture, Leccino
Processing Obtained directly from the olives and solely by mechanical means. The crushing of the olives is performed with millstones. The extraction takes place at maximum 27°C (cold-pressing).
Acidity and peroxides At the pressing of 5/12/2017: oleic free fatty acids 0,16%, number peroxides 7,04. Values ​​tend to vary over time.
Organoleptic characteristics Its color is deep gold with green-olive hues. Its aroma is intense and pleasant and evokes the fragrance of the olives’ pressing without being excessively pungent. The flavour is intense and persistent, moderately fruity, slightly bitter and with a gently peppery finish.
Pairing It excels raw as a condiment for legume soups, green salads, grilled vegetables, raw meat dishes and bruschetta. Its flavor and fragrance can be best appreciated on toasted bread and on tomato salads with garlic and oregano.
Don Felice oil is not filtered to best retain all the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.
Suitable also for frying given its high smoking point (about 210°C)
Alessandro Parsifal Carnevale


A special thanks to Fabio Cocchia and his photographic project “Fotografando la Basilicata” for the kind concession of the pictures utilised for this website.