Anima Mundi Wine

Anima Mundi comes from the slopes of Vulture Mountain in Basilicata, a pristine territory dotted with vineyards and olive groves of rare beauty.

This bold yet elegant wine evokes the tenacious spirit of its volcanic birthplace and pays tribute to the essential balance and unifying principle by which each thing is given life: nature.
Don Felice Oil

The extra-virgin olive oil is obtained from the almost century-old olive grove Andrea Carnevale inherited from his family: the “Don Felice”.

Already source of livelihood in the early 1930s, this plot of land has been reason of endless satisfaction also more recent years. This is why Andrea dedicated its name to his olive oil.
Alessandro Parsifal Carnevale


A special thanks to Fabio Cocchia and his photographic project “Fotografando la Basilicata” for the kind concession of the pictures utilised for this website.