About us

“Azienda Agricola Andrea Carnevale” is a small farm-holding based in Barile, a village on the slope of Vulture Mountain, an ancient and extinct volcano in Southern Italy. Discover more about our territory.
The holding is run by Andrea Carnevale who established it in 1997 as a result of his passion for nature and its fruits, after over a decade spent working as a neurosurgery physician assistant. Andrea has been able to keep up with the passion for farming, passed down through generations in his family, with plodded commitment and scrupulous dedication. He has wisely taken up most of the ancient values ​​of the agricultural tradition and has integrated them with the most pioneering farming methods and innovations. The outcome being a holistic and sustainable approach to cultivation, where through organic farming and the rejection of techniques of intensive cultivation, nature and its rhythms return to be the focal point.
The holding, consisting at the beginning of a tiny patch of land, has in a few years achieved several remarkable results, going from the only production of grapes and olives to the processing, bottling and sale of premium wines and extra-virgin olive oil. This has been accomplished also thanks to an expert and careful clientele in constant research for high quality and sustainable products.


Andrea’s mission is to reconnect end-customers with the land, first step of a longer journey to restore the long gone equilibrium and symbiosis between the livings and nature. Andrea aspires to accomplish this through his constant commitment in social and environmental activities as well as through his products, which convey not only genuinity and high quality but also a strong message for a change in lifestyle.
Alessandro Parsifal Carnevale



A special thanks to Fabio Cocchia and his photographic project “Fotografando la Basilicata” for the kind concession of the pictures utilised for this website.